Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Let the Climbing Season commence

Maple Canyon is such a neat place to climb, and conveniently it is only 20 min or so away from Brandon's mom's house in Mt. Pleasant. We dodged the rain this weekend and got some nice climbing in.
Big Cottonwood Canyon- this is a local favorite spot, and we love to climb here too. The crowds were out this Memorial Day, but we still had a good long day of climbing at the S-curve.

It was a wet Memorial Day weekend, but we still managed to get out and have some fun in between rain showers. We had a BBQ in Mt. Pleasant with the Fox clan and friends, climbed in Maple Canyon and then came home for a Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday night. Gramps' sweetheart Nancy put on this dinner in memory of Gramps (he bought the turkey in Dec. and died in Feb. They had both talked of having a turkey dinner for the family, and now we finally got to have it. Sadly we found out his sister Gayle passed away that day too.)

Monday felt too good to be true- sleeping in and climbing together all day, then a girl's night out with Courtney and Wendi for Chinese food (we were sick of BBQ food). We should have 3 day-weekends more often!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This Desert Life

After a long month of working on remodeling the duplex to get it ready for renters (Brandon did most of the work), we were SOOO ready to get away for a weekend. The weather is finally warm and it was the perfect time to go camping in the desert. We drove a couple hours south to the San Rafael Swell and had the best time! The dogs had so much fun and did really well for their first camping trip!

On Friday night when we got there it was dark so they didn't quite see what they were getting in to. We pulled way too many cactus quills out of their poor little paws. Cole and Zoey were also quite excited to sleep in the tent with us. That was fun until the sun came up early in the morning- then they wanted to be on the go. We hiked in the canyon around the San Rafael river, and got in and swam around a bit too. Cole LOVES to swim, but Zoey- not so much. And she's the one with the webbed feet!

On one of the huge red rock canyon walls is a large pictograph panel dating back at least 2000 years. It was drawn by native indians and very interesting to see. Several years ago it was vandalized, but fortunately has since been restored. If I had lived back then, I'd want to live in those beautiful canyons too. I love Utah and all the different areas to enjoy the outdoors. Especially when I have my best friend to enjoy it with!