Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween continued

Chris's fro made him even taller than he already is and Wendi was a beautiful butterfly! Landon made a good hunter and I'll let you decide what Brandon was ;-) Grandpa and Grandma showed up as "Old MacDonald" and "His wife" and while Grandma Glad was not in costume, she did win the pumpkin ball toss contest. Emily's alter ego "Bianca" made an appearance and my costume came from a great thrift store several years ago. Dad really looked the part as a surgeon, and mom was a sexy kitten!

Happy Halloween!

We had a great party the other night where everyone came in costume... well even those that didn't come in costume put one together out of the great costume box at mom and dad's :-) We had a yummy dinner of chili and chowder and all sorts of other good stuff. Carving pumpkins is such a fun tradition, and our winner was Emily's elaborate spider web design. We played fun Halloween games and got really neat prizes... thanks mom for a GREAT TIME!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Last week we had our condo up at the Cliff Lodge at Snowbird. We had a great time- climbing, hiking, relaxing at the spa, entertaining family and friends, and yes even spelunking! Also, there was a lot of good food, time for reading, and watching movies, and just enjoying the beautiful fall season in the mountains!

Monday, October 13, 2008


While I went away to work, Brandon went to play in the mountains. American Fork canyon is one of our favorite canyons to explore... and you can see why. Can you see the mountain goats?

Winter Already?

This weekend a storm moved in, and this is what we woke up to! I had just put up our Halloween decorations, so I was not in the mood for snow! Up here, we experience more harsh weather than down in the valley. If this is any clue of what's still to come, it's going to be another record snow year!

Monday, October 6, 2008


After it rained for almost 24 hours straight on Saturday, we were so happy to wake up to the most beautiful, clear day in Zion. Of course we stayed with Uncle Al, and he took us out for an awesome hike. This was a particularly busy weekend, so the popular trails were full of people. We found some solitude on the West Rim trail and over in "Little Siberia." It was the perfect day! Brandon says he is going to make a new trail rule: No more medical talk. Al is a paramedic, and I am an ER nurse, so we always swap stories when we're together. One thing for sure is, we always wish we could stay for weeks, and leave there with a list of hikes and peaks we want to tackle on our next trip down south.

St. George Marathon supporters

This weekend we went to St. George to support Brandon's brother Anthony, who ran his first marathon. All week we have had beautiful weather, and then as bad fortune would have it, it rained ALL day on Saturday. This meant for a wet race. We stood in the rain for 3 hours (got there a little early, which is very unlike us), watching and yelling and clapping for the runners coming across the finish line. This was very inspiring- in fact Brandon has made a goal to run a marathon now. It's a wonderful goal, but one that I just don't think I can share. I pretty much hate running for very long.
Anthony finished the race with a very good time, and we are SO proud of him!

Friday, October 3, 2008


Getting together is always fun, but it's even better when we get to go out for SUSHI! Luckily, I had the
opportunity to go out for sushi twice last week. I don't even remember the last time I went out to eat, so
sushi twice in one week means it was a special occasion! Aubree came into town, then Allie did the next
day, and then Court and I went up to Park City when Em was working to see her. I love my girls!