Monday, September 29, 2008

Autumn in the Canyon

Tonight we took our parents and grandparents for a drive up American Fork Canyon to enjoy the autumn leaves.
It was a BEAUTIFUL evening and the colors were just spectacular!
Afterwards we found a picnic area in the dark with our flashlights and had a hot-dog roast over the fire. Of course we had
S'mores too! My favorite! As grandpa said, "It was choice."

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Our wedding

Our life together officially started June 26, 2008. We were married at Alta Rustler Lodge, in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Brandon and I have spent probably the majority of our time together in the mountains. We got engaged at Snowbird (right down the street), so we thought this was a wonderful place to bring it all together.
I thought everything about it was absolutely perfect! We loved having close friends and family come together to celebrate with us. We had so much help from everyone and it turned out so great!

Fallahi family on the blogspot

Are we allowed to have a blog even though we don't have kids to show off yet? My friend Aubree told me the other day that those that have kids blog, and those that don't FACEBOOK. True for me, until now. I thought that since Brandon and I were married 3 months ago (wow, time flies!) it would be fun to start a blog and share our life and adventures with friends and family. Being computer illiterate, I can barely figure this stuff out, so bear with me!