Monday, October 6, 2008

St. George Marathon supporters

This weekend we went to St. George to support Brandon's brother Anthony, who ran his first marathon. All week we have had beautiful weather, and then as bad fortune would have it, it rained ALL day on Saturday. This meant for a wet race. We stood in the rain for 3 hours (got there a little early, which is very unlike us), watching and yelling and clapping for the runners coming across the finish line. This was very inspiring- in fact Brandon has made a goal to run a marathon now. It's a wonderful goal, but one that I just don't think I can share. I pretty much hate running for very long.
Anthony finished the race with a very good time, and we are SO proud of him!

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Anonymous said...

Seriously.....we need to coordinate our St. George/Zion trips! Ahhh, looks like you have been having fun. I love all the beautiful mnt pics. Oh, and while you were looking at snow through your windows, I was swimming in my new pool!! hahaha, crazy that our climates are so extremely different. Love ya, Aub