Monday, October 26, 2009

Oh fall, I love you.

For a while there we thought winter had come right after summer and we would never get to see fall. A week in Park City at our cozy condo made the cold a little more bearable. When the sunshine came out one day we took a little hike.
It's always so nice to be around family and good food!
Some girl time at the condo.
And of course, we couldn't be in Park City without eating at The Flying Sumo where Em works!
Another weekend hike in Park City with our friends Ben and Katie and their pups.
The 4 Black Dog Posse
Brandon and his best friend Ben.
Our little Annie- 6 months old. She likes to play in the mountains with us.
Fall is practically the best time to climb. Great cooler temps and BEAUTIFUL SCENERY!

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