Sunday, November 29, 2009


I am thankful for this beautiful world and...
all of His creations.
for family who comes together...
and helping hands to make a hard job a little bit easier.
for family bonds...
and feeling Al's spirit in Zion even though his house won't stand much longer.
I am thankful for this family that feeds us and loves us and welcomes all in this home.
for my wonderful, handsome husband who makes this journey in life an adventure.
for my sister and best friend. (She was a little too excited about snowboarding this year and blew her ACL on the first day out)
and for people that remind us how blessed we are to have such a wonderful and loving family.

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I miss you soon as the holidays are over and the craziness is gone lets go to dinner or lunch or ANYTHING! Also will you facebook me your address.. I think I have it but I want to make sure its right! Thanks