Friday, February 5, 2010

Birthday Time

We are coming up on the big one. That's right folks, we're turning 30! Just saying it sounds old.
With Em and I both going out of town for our actual birthday we got together with the family last weekend for the best dinner and of course were spoiled with fun presents. Emily is going to Mexico with some girlfriends and I am off to India for 2 weeks with the Operation Smile team!
In the Indian spirit, grandma got me this cute shirt. And as only a grandma can tell me, she said my hair was too straight and wondered if I was pregnant because my bum was bigger. And no, I'm not pregnant.
I have loved sharing my birthday with my twin. We often have this yummy raspberry cream cake. I never believed my parents when we were younger though and they told us that someday we'd be best friends. Ya right! We fought all the time over clothes and other silly things. But today I can honestly say she is my best friend!



Happy Birthday! And yeah me and mu sis arent twins but we are 14 months apart and growing up we hated up each other but now she's my best friend too!


P.S. I miss you we need to get together!

aimee said...

Happy birthday to the Bench twins!

Fun to get to know you again through blogging. Hope you totally enjoy your day and feel lots of love.

Allie said...

Happy Birthday my friend! We'll have to celebrate in India since you travel the whole day on your birthday. I can't wait to see your cute shirt in India. You'll fit right in.

Anonymous said...

Haha, I am rolling at your Grandma's comments. I love her, but she may need to get her eyes checked :0) Both you and Em look fantastic. Happy big Three O! I love our new club. I can't wait to see updates from India. Oh, and great minds think alike.....I too did those turtles for neighbors, but I used 2 plain m&m's and an almond on top. What are you going to do next year? I'm all about easy and yummy. Love you Brit. Make sure to tell Em Happy B day too. We only have a couple more days to celebrate our birthday MONTH. Party it up. xoxox