Sunday, August 8, 2010

River Rats

A few weeks ago we took a trip to Moab to float the Colorado river with our good friends Ashley and Steve...
We weren't on some commercial raft trip- we were on river rat inner tubes!

We had more fun than anyone on the river! We were cooled off by the water and jumped in whenever we wanted.
Passing by Castle Valley

Before Steve flipped over in some mellow rapids and lost his glasses and bandana.
The next day we took a hike finding some indian pictographs. Near this wall we happened to find tons of ant lion holes in the ground. We tried to provoke the ant lions by "tickling" the holes with a stick. Steve had never seen one before and he didn't believe they existed. Every time we called him over to see the little ant lion "spitting" sand back out of his hole it would stop. He thought we were all pulling his leg!
Cooling of at Faux Falls. A fun little side trip in Moab- perfect for a hot day!

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