Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Are we crazy or what?

So, instead of bringing home one puppy, we brought two! We loved Coal, but then this sweet little girl, Zoe, melted our hearts too, and we couldn't decide- so we now have two puppies at home! We thought they could keep each other company- and they certainly do. But they are sure keeping us busy, and sleep-deprived! It's a lot of work, but also lots of fun. They have very different personalities and Zoe often picks on Coal (I think she's trying to make up for her small size in attitude).

Our little buddies make us happy and we look forward to the days when a.) they are potty-trained b.) they don't need to be let out every 2 hours and c.) they are trained and can come on all of our adventures with us.
If you want your puppy fix, come on up and play with us!


Janelle said...

Ooooh, they are so cute! Good luck with the sleep thing. It's good training for a baby, huh!

aimee heff said...

Those pups are so freaking cute! Good luck with the potty training. Someday it will all be a bad dream.

Andrea said...

ok so maybe just a little are one brave women!! After two new puppies, having a baby will be a piece of cake. They really are adorable!

Anonymous said...

Now they each have a friend!! That is so cute...they are so cute. It will be so great when all the hard work is done. I like the names too. Speaking of names, you know Carson is my son when he wanted to name our beta fish Regis and our frog Kelly! No joke. We now have Regis and Kelly living with us! Dogs are better, though so love on yours for us.