Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Celebrate for as long as possible

Wendi's mom said it best, "You aren't through celebrating until the last party." And February is full of several birthday parties. Of course I share my b-day with my twin sister, but also several close friends and family members have birthdays in February as well. So we have several occasions to go out to dinner, have family dinners, friend dinners, and even go out of town to celebrate in Brianhead ski resort. This is the longest standing tradition among friends. We have been going to Aubree's cabin in Brianhead ski resort for 9 years in a row now, and we plan to continue this forever hopefully!

This year, the President's Day weekend also shared Valentines Day, so I felt extra guilty leaving Brandon home to take care of our new puppies while I went to play with my friends. But he was so sweet about it, and it was nice to get some sleep and a break from my little ones. We had many yummy meals, late night talks, sledding championships on the huge sledding hill, and wonderful memories made! Oh, and we aren't through celebrating yet, we have our combined family dinner planned for next week since mom was sick for our actual birthday! 


Anonymous said...

Sorry Brandon.....but thanks for sharing her! We had a blast. The late night talks were the most interesting. Love your guts and Happy Birthday....last day of the month :0( I totally agree with the celebrating. It SHOULD be a month long!

✯Jer + Lu✯ said...

You sure know how to party!
I found out through these lovely pics that I work with Brandon's aunt (?) Chari. Small world!