Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another New Edition

We did it again! We couldn't resist, and now we have another puppy at home. She looks a lot like Zoey, I know, and that was how she caught our eye on Little Annie is an 8 week old German short-hair pointer mix and so darn cute! 
At first Cole wasn't too sure about this new addition, but it only took a few days and now they are fast friends. He has been through a lot these past few weeks; losing his sister Zoey, getting neutered and now living with another new dog. He's happy though because now he is the Alpha Dog, and has a play mate again! 
She is a sweetheart, but man- am I tired all over again! We are still thinking of Zoey every day and missing her, but we felt like it was time to turn our sadness into happy times and give Cole a play mate again. She's so little and adorable and despite all the work, it is really fun to have a puppy again.

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