Sunday, June 14, 2009

If love could heal

Sunday- Zoey's first day post-op. She seemed so much more comfortable, despite the metal fixators protruding from her back. There's nothing we wouldn't do to make her better.
Daddy loves his little girl. He has such a calming presence, she would immediately relax when Brandon was there to give her some love.
Tuesday- With the help of a towel sling to support some of her weight, the hospital staff started doing standing exercises with her. She did show signs of bearing some weight on her own, and still had good reflexes and some movement in hind legs.
Sometimes though, her poor little legs just dangled there like they forgot how to move. This must have been so frustrating for our girl who was so used to running and jumping all around.

We took Zoey home on Wednesday evening where we would continue to care for her and help try to rehabilitate her. The doctor ordered her to be on strict "cage-rest" for 6 weeks, so we knew it was the start of a long road. But at least she would be home with us where she would feel our constant love and attention and be in her familiar surroundings so that her healing would be optimal. It was hard work, but we knew it was worth it.

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