Saturday, March 20, 2010

India: part 2

After all the hard work, we did get some time to enjoy ourselves in India. Holy man at Red Fort in Delhi. He asked for some rupees after I took his photo.
Flying over the beautiful, sparkling, majestic Himalayas. One day I'd like to be climbing these mountains.
Holy men in Guwahati.
There are thousands of stores that sell beautiful sarees, scarves and shawls.
Getting a henna tatoo.
Our last night in Guwahati before the farewell dinner. Dr. Sellers and his wife Marion took care of us there. We called them our adoptive parents.
Our night shift crew- Julie, Jamee, Marisa and I.
Since we hadn't slept after our last night shift we took a cab back to the hotel early.
A big group of us were able to take a bus to Agra where we saw this elephant on the way to see the...
Allie and I checked this off our "bucket list."
It was the most beautiful, clear day to be here. We had an English-speaking guide to show us around and tell us the amazing story of the construction of this Wonder of the World.
National Geographic shot.
Yamuna River flowing behind the Taj. Muslim mosque seen on the left.
No paint was used in the facade on this beautiful building...
Colored jewels were embedded into the highest quality marble that was carried in from all across the land.
Allie and I at the Taj.
An evil maharaja :-)
India Gate in Delhi.
Ancient tree.
Qutub Minar, built around 1200 A.D. We didn't go in to the park to see this monument out of principle. Indian citizens could buy a ticket for 10 rupees where any foreigners had to pay 250! (Which was about $6.00)
Outside a beautiful Hindu temple in Delhi. The lei of "lotus flowers" were put around our neck as a symbol of good luck.
The red dot on the forehead also means good luck and was placed by a holy man in the Hindu temple.
Red Fort in Delhi with Penny and Xia.
The tomb of Mahatma Gandhi, "father of India."
We ended the trip on high note and I was glad to have seen some of these beautiful places. It was an opportunity of a lifetime and I'm so glad I got to go!

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tiff snedaker said...

That's so awesome that you got to do this, and your pictures are amazing.