Monday, May 30, 2011

Telephone Canyon

In May we took our annual trip to Zion and took on some canyoneering in Telephone Canyon.
This canyon was supposed to be "dry," but the record snowfall and precipitation this year has rivers running high everywhere in the state right now!

We start out on the West Rim Trail...

It was a long day for the 7 of us. 10 hours of hiking and rappelling through a beautiful canyon.
Nick, Brandon, Brittany, Emily, Chilly, Pete and Anthony.

Just one of 13 rappels in the canyon. With 7 people it took us quite a while to get through.

By the time we exited the canyon and still had to hike back down it was getting dark. Luckily the full moon led us down the path!

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Nancy said...

Wow! What a fun adventure! The trail by moonlight--never to be forgotten, huh!