Sunday, June 12, 2011

Banff... Almost

For months now we have been planning to use our timeshare condo in beautiful Banff, BC Canada. Unfortunately we made it only as far as the Canadian border and no further.

We drove to Helena, MT and stayed there overnight as it was about half-way to Banff. The next morning we drove through Glacier National Park and stopped for a little hike.

Little did we know, our plans to enter Canada and vacation for a week were about to be denied.

We came to the Port of Piegan and were told to talk with the immigration officers since it was Brandon's first time going to Canada. Apparently since 9-11 travel into Canada has become a lot more difficult: if you want to read more about why: go here. Brandon's little misdemeanor from 20 years ago proved to be a reason he was deemed "inadmissible to Canada."

  • Drove 1,600 miles
  • Stayed in 2 low-end motels in the middle of nowhere
  • Ate at McDonalds (twice), Pizza Hut and DQ
  • Lost $800 on our timeshare vacation
  • Cried a few tears and said some angry words toward the Canadians
  • Spent over 24 hours in the car
Shove off hosers, eh?

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