Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus...

The one day I look forward to the most during the holidays is Christmas Eve. There is something so magical about the lights, the cozy family time, opening the "Secret Elf" gift, reading the Christmas story from Luke II and all that yummy food of course! Also I think I like the anticipation of Christmas and being together with my family who I love so very much! This year was especially great because Brandon could finally spend the night with me on Christmas Eve- now that we are married of course. (Thanks Landon for cleaning your room so we could sleep there, sorry that you got "taco'd" on the blow-up mattress.)

We had planned to spend the evening serving dinner at the homeless shelter, but apparently they "double-booked" us and called to say they actually had TOO MANY volunteers that night. We wished we could have been part of it, but it's nice to know there is actually a surplus of volunteers, especially this time of year. So my dad will reschedule our family for another time, and we will take our collection of clothing and blankets to donate in a few more weeks.

Although we decided that we weren't going to have a lot of presents this year, we still woke up Christmas morning and felt very spoiled with all the things we got. My mom is so thoughtful and creative, she and my dad gave us all gifts of "time." A month ago she asked us to write a wish-list of  "time." For instance I wished for people to help us with putting in our yard in the spring, so she gave us a pail with shovel and rake and gloves, and we scheduled a day that the whole family would come and help us do our yard! Everyone's gifts were all a little different and symbolic. Chris and Wendi got some painting supplies, and a date that we'd all come help them paint their nursery! What a great idea, right? We also got some "bare essentials" and some other great gifts. It was our first Christmas together being married, and I think it was my best Christmas ever!

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