Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Christmas Poem

One night a couple of weeks ago I couldn't sleep (which is just about every night/day). So by the light of my cell phone in the bed, I came up with this silly little poem, which is an ode to my family.

A Christmas Poem

As we come to the end of 2008,
We look back on a year that we thought was great.
In June Britt and Brandon tied the knot,
In May Em decided bravely to "not."
Em loves her yoga, she's become quite a pro,
In Park City she lives and plays in the snow.
The Emergency Room is where she works nights,
Being a nurse is what Brittany likes.
Brandon sells software at Go Engineer,
He's learning and loving his new job this year.
Chris and Wendi made plans to adopt,
While working with books and all things posh.
Landon sold books to pay his tuition
Some day his hard work will come to fruition.
Research and writing was quite a production,
Last month dad finished another introduction.
Although she thought that she had retired,
Mom went back to work when someone got fired.
The economy stunk after the stock market crash,
Our 401(k)s went right in the trash!
For Christmas this year instead of many gifts,
We're donating our clothes and shopping at thrifts.
But what better way to feel the Christmas spirit,
Than to give to those that really do need it!
No we don't need presents under the tree,
We have all we need- the Bench family!


naptime nostalgia said...

Love the poem Brit! Looks like the Bench's had a great Christmas. I will always love your fun family!

Allie said...

Well look at you, you little poet. I never knew. Hey, we're going to be in town these next few weeks and I would love to see you. We're going to be kind of crazy with all the family, but just tell me what time and place and I'll do it. Leslie said that she really wanted to get together too.


You have a cute family..and a great talent...writing!

Wendi Bench said...

You are a great writer. Marriage has only enhanced your abilities to the fullest. Cooking, organizing, donating, working, keeping in touch, blogging...is there anything you can't do? Please help your sister-in-law out. She's a mess! xoxo